Legal Stuff

Use of Location Information

The Tantrum Tracker app does not utilize GPS functions or services in any way. It does not record your location or share such information with others.

Access to Your Contact List

Tantrum Tracker has no need to access or use your contact list and will not do so.

Access to the Internet

Tantrum Tracker does not access or use the Internet without your express intent to do so. From the More page in the app, you have the choice to visit our website Home, Help or Legal Stuff pages. No other Internet use is needed or utilized.


Tantrum Tracker stores information which you input regarding your child (such as: name, goal, location and other details about the particular tantrum or good behavior) in its internal database. This information is required to enable Tantrum Tracker to perform its basic function: to record and display a record of your child's good and bad behavior solely for your use.

This information is contained solely within Tantrum Tracker's internal database and is not shared with anyone or used by us in any way.


Tantrum Tracker does not share any information it might have about you with any person or company nor does the app send information to us for any purpose. Tantrum Tracker does not sell, trade or give away any of your information to others. We will not spam you.

Other Costs or In-App Ads

The Tantrum Tracker app is complete when you purchase it. There are no in-app ads displayed and no additional purchases are required for your use of Tantrum Tracker.