Tantrum Tracker FAQ

Does the Tantrum Tracker app have advertising included in its code?
No. The app includes no advertising of any kind. You are free to use and enjoy Tantrum Tracker without the nuisance of ads ever interfering with your app experience.

Are there any other costs associated with the purchase or use of Tantrum Tracker?
No. The app is complete at the time of your purchase and requires no further payments to completely utilize all of its functions.

Does the Tantrum Tracker app share my children's information with anyone?
No. This app does not share any information with anyone nor does it utilize Internet access except to connect you to helpful pages (Home, Help and Legal Stuff) of this website. It does store necessary information within its internal database but does not distribute that data outside of the app. Please see our Legal Stuff page for additional information on this subject.

What are the technical specs for Tantrum Tracker?
Tantrum Tracker is coded for Android OS 2.1 Update 1, API Level 7 and above. This version is applicable to almost every Android currently available except for the very earliest models.

You may find your Android's version information by going to Settings -- About -- Android Version.

Where can I buy Tantrum Tracker?
Tantrum Tracker is available at the Google Play store.

get tantrum tracker from the google play store