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What is Tantrum Tracker App?

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Little Jimmy threw a fit in Walmart because he couldn't get the latest junky toy that he managed to set his sights on. You want to keep track of his improper behavior but with two other kids in tow, you quickly forget who did what.

And by the time you get home, that fleeting thought of writing down the details of Jimmy's fit has long since vanished from your frazzled mind.

Does this sound familiar?

Tantrum Tracker to the Rescue!

Well, that's where the Tantrum Tracker app steps in and allows you to record the details of that fit on your Android phone when it happens so it will be noted for later use.

Tantrum Tracker also records GOOD behavior so it can be used to keep track of your child's progress toward an agreed-upon goal.

Suggested Use

Sit down with your child and decide what goal he or she wants (toy, special dinner, family outing, etc.) and determine an appropriate number of stars needed to reach that goal. Then simply enter that information into Tantrum Tracker. Following each occurrence of good or bad behavior, use Tantrum Tracker as a quick note-taker to add or remove stars as indicated by the situation and to take notes on the particular behavior.

App Features

Other Possibilities

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The Tantrum Tracker app is available at Google Play, the Android app store.

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